6 Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

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In addition to moisturizing, cleansing and the removal of toxins from the body, the water has many healing benefits. This is especially true for older people who seek relief from joint pain, fatigue and muscle aches.
For centuries, hydrotherapy – described as the use of water treatment for pain – was used to promote relaxation, improve circulation and stimulate the healing process. Although this non-invasive treatment encompasses a variety of therapeutic models that use water, you do not have to go far to enjoy the benefits or spend much money.
The municipal swimming pool, hot tub and sauna can be used for healing and relief. In fact, even their own bathroom has the potential to become the oasis of tranquility, all you need to do is invest in a shower. Let’s face it – your old bathtub can turn into a security problem as we age. A walk-in bath also has therapy that a standard bath can not provide. Not only is it a bathtub, it is a complete therapy center. Many models are designed for comfort and peace of mind.
In addition to providing a safe and comfortable way to bathe for ages- people or anyone with mobility problems, a walk-in bath helps relieve problems such as arthritis, inflammation, tendonitis, syndrome carpal tunnel, bursitis, back pain, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, etc.
If you still need convincing, read the 6 benefits of hydrotherapy in a walk-in bath can provide:


1. Heat therapy 

In addition to increasing the flow of blood, a bathroom with water at high temperature not only to fight against the symptoms of colds and flu and helps to unclog nasal passages. People with psoriasis may find relief by taking oatmeal baths.

If you have any circulation problems, a warm bath helps the veins and arteries dilate.

As we age, we become more susceptible to muscle aches and pains. Sometimes this can be the result of certain conditions or medical effects of aging. The aches and pains that accompany muscle pain can sometimes be difficult to bear and a hot bath is a relaxing way to remove discomfort.

2. Treatment with cold water 

Although it may not seem so attractive, hot cold water can improve your health by decreasing pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. Former Indian term for cold showers and baths is Ishnan, which refers to the time when your body reaches a temperature that can defend against cold water. Note: cold baths are recommended only for a quick dip – between six and 30 seconds.

3. Therapeutic Jets 

Like a whirlwind, a dozen jets strategically placed in your new walk-in bath, jets provide a massage that will soothe the muscles and joints. For anyone who has arthritis or other bone disease, placing the jets on your legs, feet and back provide relief.

4. Aromatherapy

Did you know that aromatherapy was part of the emotional and physical healing for thousands of years?

While you could light some scented candles around your home, you can improve this ancient practice. When you invest in a walk-in bath which provides aromatherapy, you are also investing in your health and wellbeing. Essential oils are known to cause a positive effect on the mind and mood of the people and can actually reduce the symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection.

5. Colour therapy (light therapy) 

Another interesting feature available on some walk-in baths is lachromothérapie, also known as “light therapy. Chromotherapy feature is standard in our bathtubs and uses variable colors of light in the bathtub to help relieve stress and pain. This has been shown to be beneficial in studying for the mental well-being: reduce anxiety and stress (which can greatly affect blood pressure) to facilitate relaxation. Color can play an important role in your mood, thoughts and ability to relax.

6. Therapy for Stress 

Warning: the soothing effects of warm water and gentle massage of your tub jets are likely to induce a pleasant state. All problems, worries and everyday stress will melt, facilitating the reconciliation of sleep.

With all the treatments that currently exist for the elderly, it is not encouraging to take care of your own pain? Hydrotherapy can not cure its current state, but is a great alternative to relieve aches and pains; one that does not require a prescription.

Better yet, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home and you can enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you want.

Besides helping to increase mobility and relieve pain, you may end up with a regain of energy and improve your sleep habits.

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Beth Wallace is a safety specialist for Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. She makes home visits to show seniors how they can keep their home is safe. Its aim is to ensure they have a better quality of life and to see that their wishes to stay in the home they love for the rest of their life are granted. Follow Beth on Google+ and Twitter.