5 Bathtub Safety Tips

Let’s face it. Old age living is not easy and is not getting any easier. What once were normal everyday tasks are now burdensome chores. With something so necessary to everyday living as baths and showers are, it’s essential that getting in and out of your bathtub is as easy as possible.

The University of Michigan Health System conducted a study that found that over one-third of people aged 60 and older had trouble getting into a bathtub. Bathtub safety is incredibly important for seniors.

Here are 5 tips you can use to keep yourself safe, clean and happy:

1. Avoid Slippery Bathroom Floors

Before getting into the tub, your first contact with any surface is with your own bathroom floor.
Depending on what kind of surface it is, a wet floor can be a huge injury risk.
Preventable measures include using non-slip bath mats for wherever you walk and if possible, weighted shower curtains to ensure water does not leak on the floor. “I recommend textured non-slip tile in the shower stall and surrounding area, and possibly marine carpet further away,” says Renovation Designer Katie Mallory.
A more simple option might be a Walk-In Tub that has higher tub walls to prevent water from leaking onto the floor. Keeping water from getting to your floor is important for your safety.


2. Safeguard Against Slippery Tubs

It’s no secret that a wet bathtub can be a prime place for accidents. Simple solutions call for you to install a bath mat or a non-slip surface in your bathtub.pullquote
Moldy or soapy bath tubs also pose a risk for slipping and falling. Here’s an innovative way to solve this problem:

  1. Dip your finger in water and slide it across the surface of the tub
  2. Take note of any grease or other residue.
  3. Close the drain on the tub, lay paper towels on the slippery area and pour vinegar on the towels until soaked.
  4. Put plastic wrap over the towels and then wait 5-7 hours
  5. Open up the drain and then rinse the tub out with water.
  6. Slide your finger across the tub again and feel the difference!

Some Walk-In Tubs are built with bacteria and mold-resistant surfaces to prevent this from even happening. Walk-In Tubs also have special non-slip surfaces that can safeguard against falls.

3. Budget Your Shower Time

Be sure to schedule plenty of time before and after your planned shower or bath. This will give you a good amount of time to get in and out of your tub. It will also allow you to go at a pace that works best for you. Rushing to take your shower or bath increases the likelihood of slips and falls occurring.


4. Let Your Bathtub Help You

cam00833Getting into the bathtub might be difficult. Getting out is another story. According to the U-M study.

Bathtub features that give the user leverage to get up and out of the tub will best prevent slips and falls from happening. According to renovation designer, Katie Mallory, grab bars are a necessity in any bathtub. These bars should be in an ‘L’ shape or in a curved design for ease of use. Most Walk-In Tubs have these bars. Tub seats, glass doors and shower curtains were among the objects used by seniors to get out of the tub. These pose serious injury risks.

If you can find Walk-In Tubs with custom wall mount grab bars, take advantage of those and don’t look back! The ability to customize where to offer leverage to exit the tub is essential. Your bathtub should help you out of your tub. Make sure it has the right safety features for getting out.

5. Get A Helper!

According to the National Safety Council, 54% of fall-related deaths take place at home. These are preventable accidents. Simply having a family member or friend nearby to help if you need it can give you a worry-free bathing experience. Alternatively, installing an intercom system can help you feel more safe and secure.

Now Take Action!

If you enjoy baths, then why not make it easy on yourself? Taking a bath with safety and peace of mind is what you deserve. With a few simple safety tips, some sensible additions to your bathroom, and a Walk-In Tub, you’ll be on the path to what you love – a safer and more relaxed bathing experience.

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Beth Wallace is a Safety Specialist for Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. She visits homes to show seniors how they can keep their home is safe. Her goal is to make sure they have a better quality of life and to see that their wishes to stay in the home they love for the rest of their lives are granted. Follow Beth on Google+ here.